LS-PWT (pH Water Treatment) 18.1kg

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As the strongest animal feed grade mineral acid available, PWT® requires a low addition rate to acidify drinking water to biologically effective low pH levels. The low addition rate allows water palatability to be maintained to promote optimum water consumption in birds and livestock. PWT can also be used to manipulate pH in order to maximize chlorine effectiveness for waterline cleaning and sanitation.

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• Effective in antibiotic-free production programs
• Safest, most widely used and proven effective inorganic acid
• Lowers water pH without a bitter taste
• Optimizes water consumption
• Dry product composition and low addition rate saves money
• Maximizes bactericidal efficacy of chlorine through pH manipulation
• Helps to dissolve lime and scale, and restore and maintain full function of waterlines for optimum flow
• FDA approved GRAS, manufactured under GMPs in a facility certified to the most current ISO 9001 standard

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1 Bag (18.1kg), 1 Pallet (50 Bags)