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Vehicle Foam Kits – The Perfect Solution

All our vehicle foam kits have been produced with the highest possible quality care to ensure the best performance for any of your applications.

Truck and Fleet Care
When your vehicles represent your company name you want to ensure that they are shiny and clean. The SCS foam products are designed to make your company look professional and help the drivers to feel great driving the equipment.

Equipment Care
SCS foam soap formulations are unique and environmentally friendly. They keep your equipment looking great and make washing an effortless chore. Time is money and with the concentrated foam products, you will increase your contact time that helps to remove bugs and dirt easily. The final rinse will bring the shine back on and will help to repel water and road film and therefore keep your vehicle cleaner longer.


Smart Care Supplies has a full line of products to keep your vehicles in the best condition possible. With all the accessories & vehicle foam kits Smart Care Supplies is your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs.

For all your vehicles and equipment #FoamItAll



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For all your foam & pressure washer accessories.

Foam Kits & Accessories

Keep yourself dry and safe.