SB-20 Smart Buffer Tank

Key features:

  • Digital level control sensor with PCB read out screen
  • Heavy-duty PVC tank (6 mm – ¼” wall thickness)
  • Charcoal filter to prevent contact with fumes
  • Variable agitator with RPM and time control
  • Designed for Dutrion and most other liquids
  • Programmable water refill with level sensor
  • Communicates with the CDR-25 pump
  • Drain in the bottom to clean out solids
  • 20 ltr – 5 USG sealed tank with lid
  • Chemical resistant components

The Smart Buffer Tank is a new designed storage solution tank, to make dosing various products, track and trace a standard part of your water management system. The heavy wall PVC tank comes equipped with a tank level sensor and an automatic fill controlled with an electric valve. The tank operates as a stand-alone product with its own controller or in sync with the CDR-25 Dosing Robot and together they control the required dosing levels based on the pump settings. The magnetic driven controlled agitator keeps the mixture homogenous so the product stays uniform and easy to pump. The Smart Buffer Tank has a quick drain in the bottom to clean out the tank between different mixtures.