SCS-Massive Foam 22kg


SCS MASSIVE FOAM is a moderate alkaline strong foaming surface cleaner. The sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide well-balanced formula provides an excellent capacity to attach to any surface or angle and the high foam volume will provide an extraordinary contact time. This will provide a super cleaning result on manure, grease, dry and tough dirt, proteins, fats and starch on all materials.

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Please Note
Do not use SCS-MASSIVE-FOAM on aluminum or other soft materials and lower the concentrations on painted and lacquered surfaces. Do not let the product dry up un-rinsed. SCS-MASSIVE-FOAM is 95 % bio-degradable. Keep out of reach of children and store in a safe place away from extreme temperatures.

Dosing Rate:
The advised dosing rate for SCS–MASSIVE-FOAM is anywhere from 1 – 2 %. Use a foam gun–injector to apply the SCS-MASSIVE-FOAM to the areas that need to be washed. Allow at least 15 to 60 minutes soaking time to optimize the final result.

Additional information

Weight 48.5 lbs

22 Kg

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