SCS-Nano Wash 22kg


SCS-NANO-WASH is non-corrosive soap that contains a nano-size technology. This product is designed to fill microscopical tiny holes in paint and lacquer. This will help repel dirt and water. The shiny look of your vehicle will be noticeable and with SCS-NANO-WASH your vehicle will stay clean for a longer period of time!

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The nano-size polish components are perfectly capable of removing bugs and insects from the paint which makes washing your vehicle in the summer an effortless chore.

Dosing rates always depend on the contact time so the SCS-NANO-WASH is best applied as a foam to increase contact time at a 1 – 3 % dosage. This fast, easy-to-use cleaner gives excellent results and minimal brushing is needed.

SCS-NANO-WASH is a light alkaline, concentrated washing agent with nanomolecular polishing components. It can be used in automated carwash units with brushes or through high-pressure cleaners with foam systems.

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Weight 48.5 lbs

22 Kg