SCS-Top Absorb Plus Tote Bags

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SCS Top Absorb Plus is a unique advanced hygiene powder. The modified naturally catalyzed aluminosilicates, once suspended in moisture will cause it to expand, which separates the silicate and aluminum layers of the clay, creating a negative charge. The negative charge in this layer traps and locks up the positively loaded radicals in the honeycomb structure of the product like heavy metals, mycotoxins, gasses, ammonia & urea within the clay.

Animal performance is profoundly affected by the quality of the environment they live in. Wet litter can grow bacteria that are often the cause of various health-related challenges. SCS Top Absorb Plus is a premium blend of natural zeolites, plant extracts, essential oils and odor controlling substances which help to enhance the bedding quality and to optimize the living and working circumstances for the animals and barn staff.

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• Absorbs moisture and keeps barn floors and bedding area’s dryer
• Controls the litter quality and enhances the environment animals live in
• Has the ability to bind positively charged radicals, like metals, mycotoxins, and ammonia
• Fills cracks and pores in hard floors which avoids having these spots become a source of (re)contamination

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